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What is the progress of large-size MicroLED technology based on COB technology? Ledman said that

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  MicroLED has the advantages of self-illumination, high contrast, wide color gamut, long life, short response time, unlimited size expansion, and ultra-high pixel density. It is considered by the industry to be the next generation of ultimate display technology and the future development direction of technology. International display giants such as Samsung and Sony have exhibited related products at major exhibitions, and the display effect is shocking.   

  After the spin-off, it was found that Samsung and Sony's Micro LED products all adopt COB integrated packaging technology, which fully reflects the competitive advantages of COB packaging technology, and has great potential for growth in the future.

  As a leading provider of LED high-tech products and solutions in China, Ledman continues to increase its investment in research and development of MicroLED display products based on COB packaging technology based on its long-term investment and accumulation of packaging technology for more than ten years. Its products have gained a good reputation in the industry.

  On August 22nd, at the new display industry seminar jointly organized by LEDinside and LED China Network, the director of Ledman’s Technology Research Center, Menglong Tu, delivered a speech entitled "Progress of large size Micro LED high density pixel points display Technology based on COB Technology", which introduced the latest technical progress of Ledman in the field of large size MicroLED display.


The director of Ledman’s Technology Research Center, Menglong Tu

Around the high yield of COB, Ledman's packaging technology innovation overcomes difficulties

  He said that Ledman COB integrated packaging technology around the high yield of COB packaging technology innovation, from chip, chip transfer, substrate, online maintenance, splicing, consistency and other aspects of the difficult to overcome to ensure production yield.

  Chip: Since the chip has a very large influence on the consistency of display color and brightness, when production COB, it is necessary to select different ranges of chips according to the parameters of wavelength and brightness for mixing to obtain the best display effect.

  Chip transfer technology: Ledman currently adopts “single” and “multiple” transfer technologies to achieve the best balance in terms of technology maturity, efficiency, yield, cost and so on.

  Substrate: At present, PCB is the most feasible substrate for COB technology. The PCBs entering the COB packaging process must be close to zero defects. By classifying and controlling all kinds of defects, Ledman ensures that the COB package is close to zero defects.

  Online maintenance technology: Ledman developed a set of effective on-line maintenance technology, which greatly improved the yield of COB packaging.

  Sealing: Ledman made breakthroughs in optical design of lens, packaging materials, molding technology, surface treatment technology, and post-sealing maintenance technology and so on.

  Black screen ink color consistency: Ledman controls the color difference, colloid color, cell plate color difference, and module color difference from the substrate to ensure the color consistency of the black screen.

  At the seminar, Ledman also exhibited a P0.9 MicroLED UHD display with an area of 7.29sqm (3.6m*2.028m), 4K quality, using Ledman's proprietary patented COB integrated packaging technology. The guests at the scene had a close contact with the MicroLED UHD display, and they praised Ledman's ingenuity.


Ledman exhibited P0.9 4K MicroLED UHD display at the seminar

  Over the years, Ledman has focused on the research and development of LED display and packaging technology, from the process and technology of integrated packaging to the coordination and adjustment of the whole supply chain. Ledman relied on its own efforts to successfully develop and launch COB integrated packaging technology and display products. Has a place in the field of display.

  Long-term production process innovation in exchange for the company's first 324-inch 8K MicroLED UHD display

  It is the company's continuous independent R & D investment, the company has a rich harvest in LED display products.

 Last month, Ledman released the world's first 8K MicroLED UHD display product based on COB integrated packaging technology in Beijing, which caused great concern in the LED display industry. It is reported that the debut of the giant screen MicroLED ultra-high-definition display is seamlessly spliced by the display module using Ledman's proprietary patented COB integrated packaging technology. The modular splicing method makes it possible to expand the screen infinitely while maintaining a consistently high level of image quality. In addition, the screen body is slim, and has the advantages of high protection, high reliability, high contrast, low energy consumption, wide color gamut and so on .


Ledman Releases 324" 8K MicroLED UHD Display

  Ledman's large-size MicroLED UHD display products are mainly used in large-screen display applications in professional and commercial fields above 100-inch, and can be used in command and monitoring applications of government, transportation, electric power and other departments, including command rooms. Dispatch rooms, control rooms, monitoring rooms, etc.             According to the needs, the company can provide 81-inch 2K screen, 162-inch 4K screen, 324-inch 8K screen and other required sizes.

  He revealed that the COB technology route at the current stage can achieve a point spacing of more than P0.5 and has already achieved mass production.

  It can be said that Ledman MicroLED is the result of long-term production process innovation.

  However, he also said that because MicroLED technology is constantly developing and will be the ultimate solution for future display, there are still many technical problems to be solved. Ledman will continue to carry out technological innovation, always focus on LED cutting-edge display technology, to create a professional HD high density pixel points display.

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