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Ledman made Singapore's first COB HD Display

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  In September 2019, the COB HD display manufactured by Ledman for the conference center of a famous company in Singapore was formally lit up and put into use, which has become Singapore’s first COB HD display, with a resolution of 3200*900.


  After having determined the project construction requirements, investigation and technical comparison, Ledman’s solutions team has used COB HD display products to deliver customized solutions according to the use characteristics of the conference room.

  In fact, Ledman COB HD display truly delivers the tiled display effect of a “seamless screen”. In a conference room, the display can well ensure the overall display effect whether for document display or video conference. Especially when playing videos or holding video conferences, persons shown on the screen will no longer be segmented by seams, and Office (such as Excel and PPT, etc.) documents will no longer be mixed with the lines between forms due to seams, and then result in misreading and misjudgment of document content.

  In a large conference room or a conference room with bright ambient light, the content display effect of the Ledman HD display screen is minimally interfered and affected by the ambient light. At the same time, the light may be adjusted according to the brightness of the surroundings, which makes the participants feel more comfortable, and solves the pain points of projection fusion and DLP tiled display. In addition, the 170° wide angle of view can better meet the screen view needs of the super-large conference room and stepped conference room.


  Ledman COB HD display can be installed on the floor, in the wall and on the wall, etc. According to the space, shape and decoration design of the installation site, in order to save the limited installation space, the display is installed in the wall to give full play to the characteristics of the COB HD display, that is, a thin display body and excellent heat dissipation. It is worth mentioning that it took less than two days to install and light up the display. The display was independently installed by the internal staff of the Singapore enterprise under the guidance of professional instructions booklet and technical team, from which it can be seen that the installation process is convenient and fast.


  The screen has been lit up for more than a month since September 15, and has been running steadily. Having served a number of major events and conferences of customers for many times, it has been highly praised by customers due to the smooth system and brilliant display effect.

  Although it was the first time that Ledman COB HD display was introduced to Singapore, it has been the benchmark of conference displays by virtue of its stability, reliability, durability and maintainability.

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