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Ledman Won the Award of Top 100 Innovation Enterprises at the CPSE 30th Anniversary Celebration

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  On October 28, the 2019 Global Security Industry Alliance was held in Shenzhen, where various awards including the 6th Global Security Contribution Award and the Award of Top 100 Innovation Enterprises were announced. Ledman won the Award of Top 100 Innovation Enterprises for its innovative COB integrated packaging technology and UHD products.


  In the past two years, intelligent display has played a vital role in the security industry amid the implementation of policies such as safe cities and intelligent transportation, which are closely related to security development, as well as the enhancement of public security awareness. At the same time, with the comprehensive intelligent transformation of the traditional security industry, visual, high-definition and intelligent fine pitch LED has increasingly become the mainstream display terminal in the security industry. As the main force in the security monitoring and display field, the technical progress of LED display screen has a direct impact on the development of the security industry.


  Ledman is the world's leading UHD display company with 15 years of packaging experience, 14 years of experience in high-end display manufacturing and 5 years of experience in COB technology R&D. It has successfully launched COB integrated packaging technology. In July 2019, Ledman took the global lead in launching the 8K micro LED UHD display series based on COB integrated packaging technology. Ledman UHD displays feature high definition, intelligence, low energy consumption, and seamless splicing, which perfectly meet the display terminal requirements in the security industry. So far, Ledman COB UHD displays have been successfully used in various industries, including public security, transportation, and energy. According to customers' feedback, the products present a good visual effect, with zero failures and free of maintenance.


  In the same period, the CPSE 2019 – The 17th China Public Security Expo (hereinafter referred to as "CPSE") was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 1,500 manufacturers in more than 100 countries and regions brought cutting-edge security products and solutions. Ledman exhibited its Micro LED, an intelligent UHD display, respectively at the booth of COB South China Operation Center – KTONE Technology (booth No.: 1D01) and at the booth of its partner – MicsView (booth No.: 6T09).


Ledman products at the booth of COB South China Operation Center KTONE Technology (booth No.: 1D01)


Ledman products at the booth of its partner MicsView (booth No.: 6T09)

  Ledman Micro LED is an UHD display based on COB technology, which boasts seamless splicing, 170° wide viewing angle, intelligent brightness adjustment, and special optical design, etc., Its brightness varies according to the environment, which presents a pleasant visual effect, solves the pain points of projection fusion and DLP tiled display, and meets various environment requirements. Ledman Micro LED is the best choice for professional display and commercial display of more than 110 inches. Its nuanced visual effect and super-protective performance have won highly praise of professional customers on site.

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