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Ledman Attended the 2019 Micro-LED Industry Technology Summit and Delivered Speech

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  On November 1, 2019, the "2019 Micro-LED Industry Technology Summit" co-sponsored by Micro Display, AMEC and Guangdong Micro LED industry technology innovation alliance was held in Suzhou. Mr. Martin Lee, the founder, chairman and President of Ledman, was invited to attend and deliver the keynote speech "Technology Progress of Large Size Micro LED based on COB Technology".

  The summit with "The way of mass production and exploration of new industrial opportunities" as the theme. 16 important guests from the LED industry focused on the international micro LED display technology, and discussed the application and future development trend of the industry, aiming to promote the collaborative development of micro LED production, learning, research and application, so as to form an advantage in the international new display industry competition.


Ledman 4K Micro LED UHD Display

  As the world's leading UHD display expert, Ledman has 15 years of packaging R & D experience, 14 years of high-end display manufacturing experience and 5 years of COB technology R & D accumulation. After overcoming the technical difficulties in substrate, chip transfer, sealing, online maintenance, reliability, splicing, consistency and other aspects, it successfully launched COB integrated packaging technology.


Mr. Martin Lee, chairman of Ledman, delivered the keynote speech

  At the conference, Mr. Martin Lee, chairman and President of Ledman, shared the technology and process progress of large-size Micro LED technology of Ledman. He believes that Micro LED has more advantages in contrast, color gamut, service life, response time, power consumption, viewing angle, size, PPI, etc. Micro LED is developing in two directions: Small size: Wearable consumer electronics, which requires smaller, higher display accuracy, lower power consumption and higher brightness. Large size: 5G + 8K large UHD display wall development was first applied to lighting. Mr. Martin Lee said that he was also concerned about huge amount of transfer technology. At present, the products of Ledman Micro LED adopt multiple transfer technology to improve the transfer efficiency through multiple or rotating multiple ways. In terms of basic driving technology, there are now PCB and TFT glass substrates. At present, PCB is a relatively mature and controllable important substrate technology in terms of large size. Ledman's technology has been widely used in mass production since last year, solving many technical and technological problems, including online maintenance. There are many applications of this product, including high-end conference screen, home theater system, etc. He is optimistic about the future of Micro LED technology and believes that the technology will continue to develop and become the ultimate display technology in the future.


Zheng Youliao the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences viewed Ledman HD screens

  Ledman 4K Micro LED UHD display screen was displayed at the conference, full of colors and smooth movements. The excellent display effect of the screen attracted many experts and industry insiders to watch it closely and repeatedly.

  The conference gathered hundreds of enterprise representatives and experts from the upper, middle and lower reaches of the world-famous industrial chain in the field of Micro-LED display to conduct in-depth discussions on international Micro-LED display technology, application and future development trend. As an UHD display expert, Ledman insists on product ecological improvement and technological innovation to create a new business card of China's intelligent manufacturing, and will work together with the display industry to create a new future of HD display.

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